Time to Take Google Ads to the Next Level? 

What You’ll Get From This Free Google Ads Report

When you order your free Ad report, you don't get standard cut and paste report based on the best practises for general accounts, You'll get a data driven report based on your accounts historical details on how to make small changes now that will benefit your bottom line.

Get Action Now Details

Simply connect your add account and our platform will pull the last 90 days of data and crunch to find optimizations that can be done now to showcase better results

Our Platform Crunches Your Data

Within 24hrs you will get a FREE no obligation report with actions on how to optimize your current campaigns in your Google Ads.

You Can Decide What To Action

Our system will not make any changes, we will just provide your with a detailed report of what you can change to gain better results, of course if you prefer you can ask us to action these on your behalf too after the report is delivered.

Optimize Your Results

Data driven details to maximize your ROAS - All this at no charge, no emailing lists, no phone calls to upsell, just result driven changes so you can increase your ROAS.

In these hard times, we have to stick together and help small business thrive in this ever changing landscape.

Why They Recommend Having a Free Google Ads Report

We are happy to hear feedback and some of our users who have used this free service have been kind enough to leave us some feedback

Katie Homes


I must admit I did not expect much from a free report, but thought why not give it a go after seeing an ad on Facebook.  The details were amazing and just short of 2 weeks now since I made changes to my account, I am seeing a lower cost per sale of around 4%.

This might not sound much, but as a small business and having our store traffic down, we reply so much on website as our main day to day revenue.

It is so nice to see a offer that is really for free with no catches.

Lucus Mckeon


Great to see a company supporting the local businesses. I needed help and had the campaigns running well, but after seeing the report I could make some quick changes to reduce waste and this has really helped.
An important factor was that I ( to date) did not get any sales emails or phone calls trying to sell me their service, just the free report as offered.

Thanks guys

Jo Chan

New Zealand

I have been running my ad campaigns for thee last few months as we had to reduce all the business costs, so it had been in set and forget mode.

I knew I needed to work on it, but doing so many other things within our business, I just kept putting it off.

So happy I got this report and a huge thank you from NZ as it gave me quick changes that I could do and I already see results are looking better.

Thanks again Jo

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What information do I need To Provide?

Will you change anything in my account?

Will this work in my country?

is this actually free with no catches?

Can you help me make the changes that are shown in the report?

what if i want to undo any changes i make in Google ads?