How to increase your Google Ads conversions in 30 days

The average ad spend for a Small/Medium Business on Google Ads is between $2,000 to $9,000 per month

With this sort of budget, you don’t want to be wasting a single dollar on campaigns that are not optimised.

Creating campaigns that work for your business goals is not easy as it takes Google ads knowledge to set up each campaign correctly by doing research in your vertical.

That is just the first step, anyone in marketing will tell you that data is knowledge and knowledge is power to increase your conversions online.

However, data that is not being reviewed daily and used to optimise your campaigns is useless.


  1. Improve your CTAs

No point having an ad that is not being clicked on. With a few tweaks and some A/B testing you can improve your CTR and engage with your potential customers by creating ads that users want to click on and find our more about your product or services.




  1. Leverage Social Proof

New customers to your brand or product are looking for social validation before committing. Use of reviews on both brand and product are essential to increasing your conversion rate.

Some other ideas to increase your conversion rate are:


  • Address searcher intent
  • Clean up your ad groups
  • Improve ad copy, more emotional & enticing
  • Use ad extensions to increase the size
  • Use branded keywords



The key to a successful campaign is testing, seeing what is working and optimising what is not working. There is no set and forget approach to running a Google ads campaign that will continue to improve and deliver results.

This is why at Muzaara we have invested in a technology platform to automate the data points and provide our skilled marketing team daily action plans to ensure that your campaigns are delivering the best performance.

We offer our machine learning platform with our fully managed solution, to simplify your marketing and ensure that you are not wasting any budget.

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